Outdoor Music

Guts & Glory

Here’s a brand new stand tune that is great for any band at any level.


Another great original stand tune that is very easy to learn, easy to make the band sound big, and crazy fun to play. Big, full chords make this tune a crowd favorite, and it works great if you’re combining groups on the field for a stand still show.

Indoor Music

Pursuit – NEW!

This is my most recent composition commissioned by the Louisiana District 1 Band Directors’ Association.

Night Flight

MS Bands and HS Bands alike will love playing this piece. It’s fast, crazy fun to play, and the percussionists get to have some fun, too!

End of the Beginning

Here’s a wonderful, lyrical piece that plays like a song without words. This piece was written to commemorate the moment just before the flight takes off, or the student graduates, or your friend moves away. It’s sentimental nature provides a great moment for everyone involved in the music, from the performers to the audience.

Brazos River Celebration


Death of the Red Ninja

Written for a 7th Grade Band in the Spring of 2013, this piece is a thrill for the audience and performers alike. At the beginning of the piece, you can hear the Red Ninja sneaking quietly through the night. Then comes an epic battle exploding into view and brings about all sorts of metal weaponry. Then, as the piece closes, the enemy traps our Red Ninja in a tense moment, and finally, the enemy overcomes with a surprise ending! Your clarinets will LOVE the great lick they get to do, and the percussion section will be hitting everything except the kitchen sink!

Before the Dawn


Star-Spangled Banner for Concert Band

This new re-imagining of our national anthem is a fresh look at a piece your audience will have a new appreciation for. We should start every concert with the Star Spangled Banner, and this arrangement is a stellar opener!

Warmups & Exercises

Apollo: Alpha


Outdoor Tone, Technique, and Balance Warmup


Free Stuff

Brass Range Exercises


Tetrachord Scales


Need something else?

Are you in need of music written or composed specifically for your band? Having a tough time finding a march that fits your ensemble? Looking for a set of exercises to target specific weaknesses of your group? Use the form below to contact me about what you’re wanting, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.